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Virtual Athora Great Bruges Marathon

8 km, 21 km, 42,195 km

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17 - 18 october 2020

About this event

Virtual Athora Great Bruges Marathon

The first Virtual Athora Great Bruges Marathon will run from 17 to 18 October and offers a safe and challenging running experience that unites runners and walkers from all over the world and invites them to discover Bruges virtually.

Participants can choose from 3 challenges: 8km, 21km or 42,195km. They can run or walk using the revolutionary MyTrace app.

Participation is free. For those looking to get the full experience, they can add the Athora Great Bruges Marathon & Half Marathon T-shirt and a real medal to the order when they register.

Revolutionary event app MyTrace

Wherever or whenever you run your challenge, the new and revolutionary event app MyTrace promises to offer every participant a real-life event experience.

You can start from your own front door or your favourite training course or your local athletics track and you select one of the available waves. Plenty of other participants will start at the same time. You may not be able to see them, but the voice in your ear pods will tell you which position you are in, what your split times are and which buildings you would be passing by at that point in the race in the actual Athora Great Bruges Marathon. Afterwards, it is easy to share your result, photos and virtual medal on your social media channels via the app.

See you at the virtual starting line!


Quick start

3 steps only

1. Download MyTrace

Download MyTrace via the App Store or Google Play and register to receive your MyTrace ID.

2. Register

Register for the event you want to participate in and choose your preferred distance. Click on the MyTrace link in the confirmation mail.

3. Choose your wave

In the MyTrace app you can choose your desired startwave.