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Whether you play sports competitively or as an amateur, it’s good for your body. This is both physical and mental. To achieve better performance, training is an important factor. However, to be able to successfully complete the training sessions, every athlete needs sufficient nutrients. After all, a deficiency of a certain nutrient can negatively affect performance. In addition to training, nutrition is an important factor in improving sports performance.

Wrong nutrition can lead to dehydration, loss of concentration, reduced strength and endurance and ultimately to injuries. The optimal nutrition of an athlete depends on the duration and intensity of the sport, the training times, the desired body weight and the sporting season. Energy Lab Nutrition's nutritionists specialise in sports nutrition. They are happy to guide you to better sports performances through adapted sports nutrition!

  • Interview,
  • Evaluation of current body composition with DEXA scan (optional: cost € 50.00),
  • Drafting and discussion of a personalised nutrition plan.
€ 75.00
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